She took to art after becoming a mother

She took to art after becoming a mother

Kavita Manoli has set an example to all homemakers in the city by pursuing her hobby while being a busy mother of two.

Though she was always interested in making diyas, she took it up as a hobby only after she became a mother. “The mother in me motivated to pursue my passion,” she says. 

Kavita only took to making terracotta diyas during Dasara, earlier this year and she has already made and decorated 30 diyas.

Having been interested in artworks as a kid, she reveals that her grandmother and mother have been her source of inspiration.
“I used to watch them decorate mud pots; art was a way to vent out their stress,” she adds.

“The villagers from Maharashtra are creative in their own ways. They inspire me in ways I can’t imagine,” she shares when asked about the source for her ideas of pot-making. She also reveals surfing through YouTube also gives her ideas.
She admits that her first attempt at pot making was bad. “The pots had a lot of cracks. The mixture of clay and water was not right. But since the response was good, I took to making more diyas, and that is how I got better,” she adds.

Kavita showcased her work for the first time at the ‘Sunday Soul Sante’, four years ago. She mentions that her elephant and duck shaped diyas gained a huge demand.

She also has a Facebook page called ‘Artizan Villa’, where she posts her works. There is also a WhatsApp group by the same name where artists with different interests share their artworks. Anybody with an inclination to art can join this group.

“There is a new art put up on the group every morning, looking at it inspires me,” says Kavita. She adds that scrolling through Instagram posts and looking at different artworks also inspires her.

When asked about the encouragement at home, Kavita reveals that she could not have taken to any hobby if it was not for her in-laws and husband. “My mother-in-law takes care of my kids when I am busy. My husband encourages me,” she shares.

Apart from terracotta diya making, Kavita also makes many hair accessories for babies and table placemats. The accessories are sold under the brand name ‘Peek a boo’ on