Some women doing wow things

Some women doing wow things

Apeksha and Vijay

This International Women’s Day, let’s shift focus from the oft-lauded actresses, sportswomen, astronauts and celebrities to take a look at the heroes around us—unsung warriors quietly making the world a better place.

From social media influencers and delivery executives to yoga teachers, here are some women achievers Metrolife connected with.


Apeksha and Vijay
Founders, Zayka Ka Tadka

Apeksha Haldia was all set to pursue her dream of managing an IPL team when a call from her mother, who had been blocked by a Facebook group for no reason, changed her life.

“She was sharing her recipes in the group. She was really upset after she was blocked so I made her a blogging group called Zayka Ka Tadka,” she says.

Apeksha’s mother, Vijay Haldiya, a homemaker who had till then no contact with the outside world, gained 30,000 followers in the first four months. The icing on the cake came when, at the age of 58, Vijay was invited by a newspaper to speak on stage in front of 200 people.

“She did it. When I asked her how, she told me since people had been appreciating her on social media, she became confident.”

That set Apeksha thinking about all the mothers who make amazing food but rarely get appreciated for their work.

“Two years back, I left everything to open Zayka ka Tadka as a professional LLP. I do live cooking videos and show unedited, raw footage of how they whip up delicacies in their humble kitchens. We have covered 500-plus mothers so far, from all over the world, aged 30 to 90 years.”

“We have over one million followers on all social media platforms combined. We were also invited by Facebook India for an event to honour changemakers on their platform,” says Apeksha.

For her, the most rewarding aspect is to “see the smile on the women’s faces.” Some are excited about all the calls and likes they get while some just cry out of sheer happiness.

What about Vijay? “She has just signed up for an Instagram photography course. She now handles our Instagram page all by herself,” says Apeksha, laughing.


Priyanka Thorat
Delivery executive

Priyanka Thorat

Having lost her parents at a young age, Priyanka was determined to work hard and provide a better life for her two sisters. Now 22, she is a delivery executive with Swiggy—one of the few women in this field. “I have flexible login times so I can balance my chores at home. In the course of work, I often have customers asking me if they can take a selfie with me, since they are impressed by my personal journey and choice of work,” she says.

She has not faced any misadventure. In fact, most people are helpful. Other delivery executives help her with directions, and carry heavy things on her behalf.


Kirti Yadav
Founder, KukClean

Kirti Yadav

When healthy eating led to weight loss, Kirti realised the importance of propagating the message. Thus was born KuKClean, inspired by the ‘Eat Right India’ movement initiated by the government of India.

“My aim is to inspire people to start cooking clean and eating right. Various lifestyle disorders like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes can be simply cured if we eat right, local seasonal fruits and veggies.” (The medical fraternity won’t agree with the ‘cure’ bit, though.)
Kirti’s idea is to go back to traditional grandma’s recipes and opt for simple salads made from local produce, a reason why her recipes are simple to follow. However, there are other challenges.

“We are still fond of our pickle and chutney. One portion of your plate should have something raw, but it is a challenge to get people to adapt to this idea,” she says.

Part of the problem is that for many, a salad is still a Western concept. “Our vegetables and fruits can also be had raw or as whole,” she says. She also promotes millets, which she says is what will feed future generations.

She conducts corporate wellness workshops and runs a Youtube channel and Facebook group titled KuKClean.


Hatha Yoga teacher


After quitting her full-time job when she gave birth to a baby boy, Prathima was looking for opportunities when she came across an international teacher’s training course in Hatha Yoga. She completed the course, thanks to a childhood inclination towards yoga, but soon afterwards suffered a broken ligament in an accident. After a reconstructive surgery and a long gap, Prathima got back to yoga. She started practising, one day at a time, and in six months, was completely healed.

She is now the founder of a centre called ‘Abhisarga’ in Koramangala and runs yoga classes exclusively for women. Her students are between 20 and 70. Going beyond asanas, her classes have helped her students activate their body and mind, and even cured many of backache, gastric problems, migraine and knee pain.

Hatha Yoga is an old system that includes the practice of asanas and pranayama, which help bring peace to the mind and body.


Sushma KN
Delivery executive

The former work-from-home mother, who spent eight years working in front of a computer, is now a delivery woman for UberEats. “I chose this job for the flexible timings which allow me to take care of my son,” she says.

Sushma doesn’t find the work difficult; in fact, she calls it refreshing.

“I get to go outside and interact with people. Hearing a simple ‘thank you’ from the customer makes me very happy.” she says.


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