Try flavours from across India

Try flavours from across India

The new menu at Bombay Brasserie offers range of smalls, street grills and paired curries

The culinary journey at Bombay Brasserie is an explosion of flavours. But first, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ambience.

Located on the busy streets of Indiranagar, the house-converted restaurant is a sight on its own. With hues of white and blue and classic lighting, your mood is sure to lighten up as soon as you walk in.

Shillong Shapale

We visited the location on a Wednesday, and to our surprise, the place was packed with corporates discussion of business ideas, couples on dates and large and small families happily dining.

It can’t just be the ambience that pulled the crowd; the food served here is definitely an added bonus.

The menu re-discovers India as they have picked out a few popular dishes from each state and given it their own spin.

We began with ‘Crispy Suji Bites’ which was a great way to start. The crisp cakes had chilli moongphali dust on them which paired very well with the in-house chutney.

The ‘Boti Double Roti’ was a delight to have as the spicy mutton cubes tossed in Sindhi spices. The crunch of the bread was just what you’re looking for to balance out the soft succulent meat.

We also tried the ‘Green Tamarind Pepper Fish’ which was a nice addition to the appetisers. However, by this time, we felt that the explosion of flavours from the other dishes had hit us and the taste of masala started to overpower our palates. Nevertheless, if you’re a fish fan, we would recommend the dish.

The main course was the next on our agenda. We tried the ‘Kumaon Style Greens with Madua Roti’. The fresh spinach and corn cooked curry and millet roti was a well-balanced dish and just what we needed to bring back our palates. The meal was good for one person.

Our favourite was ‘Jaipur Gatta Kadi with Ghee Rice’. The gram flour dumplings in a Boriya chilli tempered yoghurt kadhi was creamy. The smooth texture of the curry paired well with the ghee rice.

By now, we were full. But we couldn’t leave without trying the dessert!

The ‘Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich’ definitely brought back childhood memories. TheJim-Jam, Parle-G and Bourbon biscuits made the perfect ice cream sandwiches. It was fun to pick out gems from the plate too.

We found the ‘Bitter Chocolate and Jaggery Skillet’ a little too sweet for our liking. The warm cookie made with jaggery was topped with vanilla ice cream. But here’s an interesting fact —the coconut jaggery sauce is made from the coconut sugar sourced from the farms in Tamil Nadu. 

Bombay Brasserie is located at No 989/B, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, HAL 2nd Stage. For reservations, contact 41471004.