Young writers head to bookstore at BLF

Young writers head to bookstore at BLF

Young writers who attended the Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF) felt that they could connect with it at various levels.

The Bangalore Literature Festival, that was held in the city over the weekend, turned out to be a haven of sorts for young writers and literature enthusiasts. One witnessed the enthusiasm with which they came together to celebrate the written word.

Young writers who were present in large numbers at the festival were exposed to numerous talks, panel discussions and debates. The book stalls offered a variety of books from authors across the globe. 

Metrolife caught up with a few young writers and asked them impressed them about the festival. Here’s what they had to say.

Palak Biyani, writer

Palak Biyani

“I used to write poems, but now I write a lot of quotes about how I feel about some experience that I’ve had and how I faced some difficult situations. I would like to get my work out there soon as I can find someone who can relate to it. The festival helped me connect with a lot of people and exposed me to some good writing.”



Shreya Madhu, a student and writer

Shreya Madhu

“Writing is how I express my feelings. My book kind of talks to me. Although I like writing about sadistic things, I also write happy and motivational poems. I also write some essays about topics that interest me. The festival offered me a mix of all these things.”



Akshata Mehta, student and writer

Akshata Mehta

“I like writing poems and short stories with no bar on the genre. There is no specific genre that I like, but I don’t indulge in horror. I like writing stories that people can connect to. The best thing I like about writing and literature, is that it gets your imagination working.”



Shruthi Bharadwaj, author

Shruthi Bharadwaj

“I write a lot of my experiences. I’ve gone through a lot of experiences and they have taught me a lot, so I use that as an inspiration in my work. Most of my work are Shayaries that could be considered a little sad, just four lines that express how I feel inside, that are related to romance, failure and disappointment. I got to interact with authors who have had similar interests.”