After filmmakers, now writers send out plea to voters

After filmmakers, now writers send out plea to voters

Writer Arundhati Roy. DH file photo

Days after over 100 filmmakers signed a petition to vote the BJP out of power, a group of over 200 writers sent out an appeal to vote out "hate politics".

"The first step, the one we can take soon, is to vote out hate politics," the writers said.

"The upcoming election finds our country at the crossroads. Our Constitution guarantees all its citizens equal rights, the freedom to eat, pray and live as they choose, freedom of expression and the right to dissent. But in the last few years, we have seen citizens being lynched or assaulted or discriminated against because of their community, caste, gender, or the region they come from," said the statement which is signed by writers like Girish Karnad, Arundhati Roy, Adil Jussawalla under the banner of Indian Cultural Forum.

According to them, hate politics has been used to divide the country; create fear; and exclude more and more people from living as full-fledged citizens; Writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and other cultural practitioners have been hounded, intimidated, and censored.

"Anyone who questions the powers-that-be is in danger of being harassed or arrested on false and ridiculous charges," they said.

"We don’t want rationalists, writers and activists to be hounded or assassinated. We want stern measures against violence in word or deed against women, Dalits, Adivasis and minority communities. We want resources and measures for jobs, education, research, healthcare and equal opportunities for all. Most of all, we want to safeguard our diversity and let democracy flourish," they pointed out.

"Vote out the division of our people; vote out inequality; vote against violence, intimidation and censorship. This is the only way we can vote for an India that renews the promises made by our Constitution. This is why we appeal to all citizens to vote for a diverse and equal India," the writers said.