Bihar: Bitten by rodent, infant dies;docs refute charge

Bihar: Bitten by rodent, infant dies;docs refute charge

Darbhanga Medical College

An eight-day-old male child died in Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) after he was reportedly bitten by rats in the hospital. However, the doctors attending him have denied the allegation.

The infant, suffering from a blood infection, was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) on Monday. The child was, however, found dead on Tuesday. “We were shocked to find that rats had nibbled the hands and legs of the infant,” said child’s father Phiran Choupal. “Besides, there was neither any doctor nor nurse to look after him,” he lamented.

Choupal has submitted a written complaint to the Deputy Development Commissioner (DDC), Darbhanga protesting that his child died after being bitten by the rodents. He has also blamed the callous approach of the doctors.

The DMCH Superintendent, Dr RR Prasad, however, refuted the allegation. “The infant was brought to the hospital in a critical condition as he was suffering from septicemia (blood infection). The doctors treating him have said that intravenous (IV) catheter that was used for administering fluid and antibiotic to the child had traces of blood. At times, blood oozes while putting IV catheter. It’s quite possible that the parents of the child might have seen the traces of blood and assumed on their own that some rats might have nibbled the body, and therefore, there was blood,” said the hospital superintendent, outrightly rejecting the charge made by the parents.

The Darbhanga district administration has, meanwhile, constituted a four-member probe committee to investigate the matter. The probe panel has been asked to submit its report within two days.