BJP MP removes veils of women while giving cheques

BJP MP removes veils of women while giving cheques

Brijbhushan Sharan Singh. Facebook

A BJP Lok Sabha member reportedly removed 'ghooghat' (headscarf worn by Hindu women) of women and got himself photographed with them at an official function in Uttar Pradesh's Gonda district, about 200 kilometre from Lucknow.

According to reports Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, BJP MP from Kesarganj Lok Sabha constituency, on Tuesday distributed cheques to the women under the prime minister housing scheme at Karnailganj in the district.

Scores of women from different parts of the district were present at the function.

Singh reportedly removed the veils of the women before handing them over the cheques.

He also asked the photographers to click pictures only after the veils were removed.

One of the women covered her face again after Singh removed the veil. Singh, however, removed it again.

He also shook hands with the unwilling women at the functions. The feeling of shock and surprise was visible clearly on the faces of the women.

The matter came to light on Wednesday, when pictures of the MP removing the veil and shaking hands with the women appeared in the local media.

The officials present at the event found nothing wrong with the act and instead termed it manifestation of ''women empowerment''.

Women, especially those living in the villages, in many parts of the country cover their faces with the veil while interacting with others, especially when having a conversation with men.