BJP's packs of cards to connect with Haryana's people

BJP's packs of cards to connect with Haryana's people

Om Prakash Dhankar. Twitter

One would ideally use a pack of cards for a game or two or perhaps even for gambling, but the Haryana government seems to be defining the use of playing-cards for an uncanny purpose.

The 52-leaf pack of playing-cards might soon be the government’s next publicity tool to connect with the people.

Agriculture minister Om Prakash Dhankar at a rally in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, on Friday said that he would print his ministerial achievements and also that of his government on scores of packs of cards that will be distributed to the public free of cost.

The proposal by the senior Haryana BJP minister has invited criticism with the Opposition slamming the government for using what they say is using a ‘mode of gambling’ as a tool to woo the electorate.

Dhankar said he initially wanted to get a book on his achievements printed and distributed.

He said he discounted the plan and instead preferred packs of playing cards to project his achievements.

“When I tour these areas, I see a lot of people playing cards everywhere. This led me to the plan to use cards as a medium to broadcast government’s achievements,” Dhankar said.

Lemon plant

The minister promised to deliver these specially printed packs of cards in each house free of cost along with a lemon plant.

Leader of Opposition in the Haryana Assembly, Abhay Chautala, and his party, the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) have ridiculed the minister and the BJP for the move to distribute packs of cards to the public.

The INLD maintained that instead of drawing out plans to get the people out of the habit of whiling away time by playing cards, the minister’s plan would only add to this inappropriate addiction.

So far it’s not clear if the saffron party in Haryana led by Chief Minister M L Khattar would formally resort to packs of cards to connect with the people.

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