'Chowkidar' Modi no more a 'chaiwala', says Mayawati

'Chowkidar' Modi no more a 'chaiwala', says Mayawati

BSP national president Mayawati on Tuesday launched a new attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the latter is no more 'Chaiwala' after 'Chowkidar' prefix added with his name on Twitter.

"After BJP launch 'Mai Bhi Chowkidar' campaign, PM Modi & others added the prefix 'Chowkidar' to their Twitter handles. So now Narendra Modi is Chowkidar & no more a 'Chaiwala' which he was at the time of last LS election. What a change India is witnessing under BJP rule. Bravo!," Mayawati tweeted.

In a Hindi tweet, Mayawati asked if the country is really changing, referring the change in the term Modi himself used to garner votes from Chaiwala to Chowkidar.

"The person, who lead a royal life as opposed to simple and high thoughts, promoted himself Chaiwala to attract votes in last Lok Sabha elections now declared himself Chowkidar. Is India really changing?", she tweeted in Hindi.

On Monday, Mayawati said BSP-SP alliance can beat BJP in Uttar Pradesh despite Congress presence and asked the grand old party to not spread confusion by leaving seven seats.

The opinion polls and poll pundits have predicted the BSP-SP alliance in UP will jolt the BJP prospect in Lok Sabha polls. The Congress fielded their candidates in seats except seven constituencies stating it to help the alliance.