Cong will not reconsider GST launch boycott: Anand Sharma

Cong will not reconsider GST launch boycott: Anand Sharma

Cong will not reconsider GST launch boycott: Anand Sharma
There is no possibility of the Congress reconsidering its decision to boycott the special midnight meeting to launch GST, senior party leader Anand Sharma said here today.

"This is not a minor issue that the government will request and just few hours before the event a major opposition party will amend its decision. Keeping in mind Parliament's decorum and country's tradition, we have decided not to participate in the celebration," Sharma told reporters here.

There have been big achievements and also problems in the past but the government has never called a midnight Parliament session, he said.

"In 1971, India tasted victory when Bangladesh got independence and Pakistan's Army had surrendered that time... Indira Gandhi had not called a midnight Parliament session.

"Nuclear experiment happened, India made its mark in space, economic reforms took place, several major things happened. But when this was not done ever before why do it now," he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should give an explanation to the public on why the issue of H1B1 visas was not raised with US President Donald Trump during their recent meeting, Sharma said.

"Before PM had left for his state visit to USA we had urged him that he must protect the interests of IT professionals who go to America and discuss the issue of H1B1 visas because they cannot be treated as immigrants as they are skilled professionals.

"He has returned without bringing any credible assurance from the US president. Why is he silent? He owes an explanation to the people..."

Sharma also expressed concern about the current security scenario -- recent "serious incidents", which have come as "signals" from neighbours including Pakistan and China. The government, he demanded, should take the "senior leadership of the opposition into confidence about the security scenario and how government plans to address this situation".