CPI(M) against creation of smaller states

CPI(M) against creation of smaller states

CPI(M) against creation of smaller states

Prakash Karat

The demand for smaller states does not hold any ground as it was not the solution to the problems,  Prakash Karat told a public rally here, referring to the Telangana demand.
"The need of the hour is not creation of smaller states but fulfilling demands of the people and curbing price rise," he said at the rally on 'price rise and food security'.

The CPI(M) leader criticised the UPA-led government for "failing" to check price rise and alleged that the crisis was a result of "financial mishandling".

On the ULFA problem, Karat said all militant groups including the factions favouring and opposing talks have to be brought to the negotiating table, "otherwise there will be no solution".

"This is a long drawn problem and has to be solved through negotiation," he said.
The country is facing unprecendented price rise which is a result of inefficiency of the central government and this has to be opposed, he said.

Karat alleged that the Public Distribution System (PDS) has failed to deliver and the government has to concentrate to improve the system for the benefit of the poor people.
Taking a dig at the Multi National Companies, Karat alleged they have totally failed to look at the needs of the common people.

"Taking advantage of the liberal economy the multi national companies have managed to fill their coffers and not bother for the need of the common people", he said.
The CPI(M) leader urged the people to remain vigilant against any such moves to targe the common people.