Death came calling just after Chitrakote FB post

Death came calling just after Chitrakote FB post

Achutananda Sahoo with his last clicks.

In the first-ever direct attack on journalists, news cameraman Achutananda Sahu, attached to Doordarshan, fell to a Maoist attack in Bastar region on Tuesday.

Death came calling just an hour after Sahu had posted pictures of the magnificent Chitrakote falls, also touted as the Niagara of India, on his Facebook page.

Symbolically shot at sunset, as if to imply the end of his tryst with photography, there were two videos and three photographs and the post was titled "At Dantewada Chhattisgarh Election Yatra". He had gone there to capture on lens nature's bounty called Bastar.

The videos reflect the blue coloured waterfall in its full glory. One photograph has ‘Swachch Bastar’, while another is a selfie with local children.

Though journalists have lost their lives in the past to extremism here, this was the first targeted attack and Sahu, who got married on February 2, 2017, fell victim, according to reports.