‘Democracy lost its value after BJP came to power’

‘Democracy lost its value after BJP came to power’

Narendra Modi. (PTI Photo)

Thinker G Rajashekhara said journalist Gauri Lankesh had opposed all unethical, senseless ideologies and called her assassination as “the darkest chapter in the history of Indian journalism”.  

Speaking at a program organised by Gauri Balaga in her memory at the conference hall of Muslim Welfare Association, Rajashekara said Gauri sacrificed herself for raising voice against injustices. Gauri was assassinated at her residence in Bengaluru on September 5, 2017.

He lamented that the poor are suppressed. “Democracy is massacred and after BJP came to power, democracy has lost its value.” Rajashekara alleged that policies are framed in favour of corporates, which is compelling the poor class to bear the brunt. He urged the youth to oppose the “sadist ideologies of BJP and Narendra Modi”. The youth should be fighting to ensure justice to the downtrodden, he said.

Rajashekara said Modi and his government should be removed from power for democracy to prevail in the country.

Another thinker Hayavadan Upadhyaya said Gauri was never a hypocrite. She was known for her upright attitude. She protested the wrongdoings. She never hesitated to express her views, which consequently led to her killing. Her death is a brutal political assassination.