The Lead: A solution to stubble burning in Punjab

DH Radio | The Lead: A solution to stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana

Tune in to DH Radio to listen to Suvrat Khanna talk about a solution to stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana that causes pollution in many parts of North India

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In today's episode of The Lead from DH Radio, we speak to Suvrat Khanna from Verve Renewables about a solution to stubble-burning in Punjab and Haryana that cause severe pollution in Delhi and other parts of North India.

Hi and welcome to the Lead. In today's episode, DH's Sagar Kulkarni speaks to Suvrat Khanna, Co-founder Verve Renewables. The company provides a solution to the problem of stubble burning in Punjab. Listen in.

Sagar Kulkarni: Hello, Mr Khanna. How are you?

Suvrat Khanna: I'm good. You tell me.

Sagar: Tell us about your new venture Verve Renewable. Tell us how did you venture into this sector?

Suvrat: I have been born and brought up in Amritsar. This problem (Stubble burning) has persisted for a very very long time and we decided that there has to be some solution to this problem. Then we started looking around what can be done. We looked at multiple options.

Fortunately, we managed to get in touch with a power generator. They were willing to step forward and give us material to generate power from the power plant that they have. That's how this journey started and then I partnered with one of my associated in Mumbai and then I moved from Mumbai to Chandigarh to start this business...

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