The Lead: Sudha Murthy on her Covid-19 contributions

DH Radio | The Lead: Infosys Foundation's Sudha Murthy on her Covid-19 contribution

Infosys Foundation chairperson Sudha Murthy. Credit: DH Photo

This episode of The Lead from DH Radio brings to you, Infosys Foundation's Sudha Murthy. "Remember," she says, "generosity of a few, is hope for millions," as she talks about how she has been contributing to the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nina George: I remember in March that you had said that you would love to build a hospital and you have fulfilled your vision, how did you went about fulfilling that vision?

Sudha Murthy: I'll tell you. Western countries were ahead of us in Covid. We used to see the difficulty the other countries were facing. When the patients come there are no beds. I used to see their difficulties. In every hospital, there are three-four ventilators of small size and even in big hospitals, every bed will not have a ventilator. I didn't know all these things will be there. I am the sister of a doctor. I was thinking on March 15, to be precise, when we come to Bangalore, are we prepared for it. There may be hospitals but what about the ventilators. I took that initiative and called CM Yediyurappa and he put me to right people, DR Sudhakar and I discussed with him that we should get well equipped and at least on our side we would like to help and very happy if the government also goes, collects ventilators and keeps them ready for an emergency. However, on my end, I want to do. If you give me a hospital with 200 beds or 500 beds, not building because there is no time. If you give us hospital and you really want we should help, in that case, we are ready to do. It will be a Covid hospital...

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