BJP MLA: Cows yield more milk with spiritual flute

BJP MLA: Cows yield more milk with spiritual flute

Milking of cow in dairy farm. (DH Photo)

A BJP MLA claimed that playing the flute in the style of Lord Krishna would help cows to produce more milk, according to a Hindustan Times report.  

In a speech delivered in his constituency, Dilip Kumar Paul, a BJP MLA from Silchar, Assam, said, "It has been scientifically proven that if cows listen to tunes on flute, like the ones played by Lord Krishna, their milk production rises."

He was talking about the positive impacts of music and dance at a cultural event. Paul attributed the research of a Gujarat-based NGO when he was asked about the source of the claim. He said the research was done to establish the connection between flute music and milk yield. 

Paul said, "Unlike milk from foreign breeds which give pure white milk, the quality of milk of Indian cows, which is light yellow in colour is much tastier and healthier. Products like cheese, butter, made from milk of Indian cows are also better than those of foreign breeds.”

A study by the University of Leicester in 2001 showed that cows produce 3 per cent more milk when listening to soft, slow music in comparison to fast music.