Kolkata: SpiceJet technician dies in freak accident

Kolkata: SpiceJet technician dies in freak accident

"The technician was carrying out maintenance on the landing gear of the Bombardier Q400 plane when the landing door accidentally got closed and he got stuck there," said the official at Kolkata airport. (DH File Photo. For representation purpose)

A technician of a private airlines died in an accident at the Kolkata Airport on the early hours of Wednesday.

The incident took place when the landing gear door of plane accidentally shut on the technician killing him on the spot.

SpiceJet described the incident as “inadvertent” in statement.

According to sources in the Kolkata Airport the incident took place at 1.45 am.

“ He (the technician) was carrying out maintenance work on the landing gear of a Bombardier Q 400 plane when the gear door accidentally shut down on him,” said a Kolkata Airport Official.

The SpiceJet authorities in statement said that the incident occurred when the hydraulic door of the main landing gear inadvertently closed and the technician Rohit Pandey got stuck between the door flaps.

“We are extremely saddened to share that our technician Mr. Rohit Pandey passed away last night (1.45 am) in an unfortunate incident at the Kolkata airport. Mr. Pandey was doing maintenance work in right hand main landing gear wheel well area of a Q400 aircraft which was parked in Bay No. 32 at Kolkata airport on July 10, 2019. Inadvertently, the main landing gear hydraulic door closed and he got stuck in between the hydraulic door flaps,” the a SpiceJet spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesperson further stated that the hydraulic doors were broken to rescue Pandey but he passed away.

“The Hydraulic doors were broken to rescue Mr. Pandey but he was declared dead. The entire SpiceJet family stands together in grief in this unfortunate incident,” the spokesperson stated. 

A case of unnatural death has been registered by the Airport Police station.