Mizoram sets up disinfectant chamber on Assam border

Mizoram sets up disinfectant chamber on Assam border

The Mizoram government has installed disinfectant chamber at Vairengte on the Mizoram- Assam border to sanitize vehicles carrying essential commodities to check the spread of novel coronavirus in the state, Chief Minister Zoramthanga said on Saturday.

"Cross-border #biosecurity disinfection Chamber installed at Vairengte, Mizoram to check the influx of the dreaded Covid-19 via inanimate objects and our essential commodities," Zoramthanga said in a tweet.

"Sincere respect to all effort lenders," he added.

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The state government also set up a disinfectant chamber at Bairabi, another town bordering Assam, on Thursday.

In March, Mizoram has sealed inter-state border and international border barring two entry points- Vairengte and Bairabi - where vehicles carrying both essential and non- essential items were allowed to enter.

Mizoram shares inter-state border with Assam, Manipur and Tripura and a 722 km unfenced international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar.