Health team defies geography, reaches remote hamlets

Health team defies geography, reaches remote hamlets

Sukma district's vaccination team travelled on foot to provide their service to remote villages in Chhattisgarh.

The vaccination team of Chhattisgarh's Sukma district has shown an  indomitable spirit in rendering their service.

The team reached out to children of remote villages by bearing the hardship of crossing rivers, mountains and dense forest on foot as there are no roads connecting the villages.

As per reports, Gonderas and Nilavaya village, small hamlets in the remote areas of Sukma district, which is about 400 km from Raipur, were identified for a vaccination drive, where in 405 children were administered Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccine.

Currently, a vaccination drive is underway in state.

Most children identified, aged between 9 months and 15 years

C B Prasad, chief medical and health officer, said that the team went through the Palnar-Arnpur route. Then they travelled around 4 kilometre to Nilavaya.

They had to cross the river on foot. The health department has sent a team of 20 people including a teacher, few anganvadi workers, he said.