IIM-A girl tests positive for swine flu

IIM-A girl tests positive for swine flu


Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) official held a meeting with senior faculty members of the institute including its director and asked them to take necessary steps to stop the further spread of the diseases in the campus.

AMC authorities have kept the eight other girls, who were sharing the dormitory at the IIM-A hostel with the ailing girl, under observation.

In case anyone of them shows any symptom of swine flu, they will be referred to testing centre at VS Hospital here, AMC Medical Officer S P Kulkarni said.

"In the meeting with the IIM-A director Dr Samir Baura we have explained the precautions to be taken in the wake of the incident, Kulkarni said.

An AMC doctor said "posters giving information on swine flu have been distributed to IIM-A officials and they have been asked to create awareness among student."

Meanwhile, entry at the institute has been restricted and only students and visitors who had prior appointment are allowed to get in. Some students were seen wearing masks inside the campus.

The girl of Post Graduate Programme in Management had tested positive for swine flu on Sunday.

However, she had gone to her home in Delhi when the test results were received.

"The Girl who tested positive for swine flu at IIM-A on Sunday has been tracked. She is at her home in New Delhi," Kulkarni said.

"We have informed our counterparts in New Delhi about the incident," he added.

"The source from which the girl contracted the virus has not been detected so far. The girl had not gone overseas, he added.

"AMC officials are working in the campus and are taking necessary steps here to curb spread of the virus, an IIM-A official said.

"Classes are being conducted as per the schedule, and we are following the precautions instructed by the AMC officials," she added.