India Gate flooded with supporters

India Gate flooded with supporters

 The gathering also included individuals and married coup­les who came with their kith and kin to express solidarity with Anna Hazare’s movement that finally forced the government to issue a notification regarding the setting up of a joint committee to draft an effective Lokpal Bill.

Shouting slogans in support of Hazare, people met at the war memorial and held ca­ndle light vigil. Carrying placards and deploring corruption, youth danced to the sounds of  drums and live bands.

Chanting “Vante Mataram”, many groups of youth sat around India Gate, waving the Tricolour and singing patriotic songs. Some families who had come there for their routine evening stroll also joined the celebrations.

Reason to celebrate

“There is every reason to celebrate. I have come to participate in this celebration as a citizen of this country. It’s a proud moment,” said Medha Baze, a housewife, who had come with her son to be part of the event.

Hailing Hazare’s efforts, she said the movement started by a small group of people turned out to be a big one because of common people’s support.

“There is so much anger and resentment among common people because corruption is rampant in every nook and corner of this country,” she added.

“Ordinary citizens are hurt by corruption. But they don't come out in the open to express their angst. Anna took the initiative and India's middle class backed him," Kirti Bisht, a marketing consultant, said.