Kerala: BJP alleges 'anti-Hindu' content in AIR programme

Kerala: BJP alleges 'anti-Hindu' content in AIR programme

Kerala: BJP alleges 'anti-Hindu' content in AIR programme

A daily programme, broadcast by All India Radio's Thrissur regional centre in Kerala, has invited the wrath of BJP which said it was portraying Hindu gods in poor light and it will fight it legally.

While the AIR staff alleged that a local BJP leader had threatened them with dire consequences if they did not give a "corrective" version of the programme removing anti-Hindu contents, BJP said it would soon file a case against those behind the act.

'Subhashitham', a programme presented by scholar Dr C N Parameswaran last week, had allegedly depicted the mythical war between 'devas' and 'asuras' as the fight between the upper class, who came from outside the country, and the indigenous people.

The BJP alleged the morning programme, which has a wide audience, portrayed Hindu gods Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as "oppressors" and had thus hurt the community's sentiments.

The issue triggered a controversy after BJP state secretary B Gopalakrishnan allegedly "threatened" a woman programme executive of AIR and station-director in-charge for broadcasting the programme.

Gopalakrishnan, however, denied the charges and said he had not threatened anybody but only asked about the facts.

"I did not threaten anybody. I just called the officials and asked how such a programme could be aired through the public broadcaster like AIR. I am a tax payer and have all the right to ask so," he told PTI.

The leader also asked how he could be a just silent listener when someone tried to depict his favourite gods in poor light.

"I am a hardcore Sri Krishna devotee. How can I simply sit and listen when someone says Sri Krishna and Sri Rama are not Indians and they are outsiders and they came to the country and oppressed the indigenous people here?" he said.

He also said Parameswaran, who presented the programme, could air his views in a public place but cannot use a platform like AIR for hurting the sentiments of a community.
Gopalakrishnan said he would soon file a case against the scholar as well as the AIR staff for hurting the sentiments of believers and for attempting to destroy religious harmony.

He also said he would upload the recording of the programme on the social media.
Denying the charges, station director in-charge M N Rajiv said there were no anti-Hindu contents in the programme.

"There were no anti-Hindu contents, as alleged in the programme. The BJP leader called us late at night and said we should give a corrective version of the programme and otherwise he would go ahead with agitation and such steps against us," Rajiv told PTI.

The programme executive Anitha Varma, who was also allegedly threatened by the leader, said she was not ready to talk to media on the issue.

Meanwhile, C N Parameswaran said he had tried to discuss Arya-Dravida invasions in the programme and did not hurt the sentiments of any religion.

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