'Constitutional values not safe in hands of this govt'

Constitutional values not safe in hands of this govt: Sonia Gandhi

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On the eve of Republic Day, Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote an open letter to the countrymen accusing the government of “crushing” the voice of dissent while Rahul Gandhi hit outanyone who opposes the ruling BJP's "agenda of hate" is dubbed as an "urban naxal".

“Common man feels that constitutional values are not safe in the hands of the present dispensation,” Sonia Gandhi asking people to join hands to save the Constitution in such a scenario.

Holding that the 71th Republic Day is a day to reiterate the commitment the Constitutional values and principles, Sonia Gandhi said, “There is a conspiracy to attack the Constitution and Constitutional values. The constitutional provisions are being attacked in an institutional manner and constitutional institutions are being scarificed at the altar of individual dictatorship.”

She alleged that “in an unprecedented manner an atmosphere of fear, insecurity and unrest” has been created in the country.

Flagging problems of jobs, agrarian distress and price spiral, she said that a conspiracy is on divide people in the name of religion, region and language and weaken the Constitution to deflect attention from these problems.

Rahul Gandhi, too, was critical of the government’s move to hand over the Bhima-Koregaon case to the NIA.

"Anyone who opposes the MOSH agenda of hate is an 'Urban Naxal'. Bhima-Koregaon is a symbol of resistance that the Government's NIA stooges can never erase," he tweeted as Centre’s NIA took over the probe into the 2018 Koregaon-Bhima violence on Friday, a day after the Maharashtra government held a review meeting with senior Pune police officers to take a call on pursuing the matter.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Amit Shah , addressing election rallies in Delhi accused Congress and Aam Aadmi Party of “misleading the country and triggering riots” as the saffron party pitchforked Shaheen Bagh protest against CAA/NRC as a central theme  in its poll campaign. “These parties cannot keep Delhi and the nation safe. Only and only Modi ji can keep Delhi and the nation safe,” he said.

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