VHP demands complete ban on Markaz, Tablighi Jamaat

Coronavirus: VHP demands complete ban on Nizamuddin Markaz, Tablighi Jamaat

Forensic officials arrive at Nizamuddin Markaz to conduct an investigation, during the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus. PTI

A day after BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje suspected ‘Corona Jihad’ motive behind religious gathering at Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Nizamuddin, Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Sunday pitched for a complete ban on Nizamuddin Markaz and Tablighi Jamaat.

Alluding to the nationwide spurt in COVID-19 positive cases, a large number of which were linked to those who attended the Jamaat event, VHP went hammer and tongs saying the whole of India is in serious crisis today due to the country-wide criminal misdeeds of the Tablighi Jamaat and its Nizamuddin Markaz.

Calling it a “nursery and nourisher of Islamic radicalism and terror”, the VHP’s Central Joint Secretary Surendra Jain not only called for a complete ban on them but also freezing the bank accounts of Tablighi Jamaat after finding out their financial sources and closing down their offices and activities.

Alleging that more than 9 thousand Tablighis are spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the country, the VHP alleged that the possibilities of community transmission of the fatal virus increased. The VHP claimed that an Ijtema Tablighis in Mumbai that was supposed to happen on March 14 was stopped on VHP’s opposition but did not explain how the Jamaat event in Delhi could take place on March 30.

VHP also alleged that radical Islamists, with a view to shielding and hiding the corona-bomb clerics, chased and beat up the policemen and health workers in many cities, towns and settlements in the country.


“The doctors, who went to save the lives of the corona-clerics, were attacked. The quarantined Tablighis started doing obscene acts before the nurses and spitting on the doctors. In the Quarantine Center at Narela, even army doctors and soldiers had to be called in. Not only in Nizamuddin, but the clerics across the country delivered speeches to inflame the Muslim community,” the VHP rued.

It went on to allege that most of the founders of the world's terrorist organizations have also been associated with the Tabligh and demanded that the Tablighis and their Ijtema should be completely banned in India and the Nizamuddin Markaz buildings and its bank accounts be sealed forthwith, their financial sources be discovered and closed.

Asking why the clerics were promoting Jihadi indoctrination and radical Islam on tourist visas not monitored, the VHP demanded that departmental proceedings should also be initiated against the guilty officers concerned.


The all out attack on Nizamuddin Markaz has also invited charges of Islamophobia and many do not share the extreme views like banning the organisation but they also disapproved of the gathering.

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said a few days back “Bigots won't spare a chance to blame the entire community. It's the responsibility of the people of this community to talk practically & pressurise these radical minds to understand what lies ahead. Corona is not religion proof.”

He advocated “People of the same community who understand that both science and spirituality have different spaces, must convey to them that God will only save us if we are willing to save ourselves! Few will make life miserable for the rest of their community.”

He said people due to their illiteracy or blind faiths without any logic defies science.

“Excusing their superstitions by saying this is an act of God to punish who did wrong to their community in certain areas of the world. They let down their own community & people,” Rajan said.