Modi's 'sonset' barb hurts Naidu

Modi's 'sonset' barb hurts Naidu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remark calling for a "sonset" in Andhra Pradesh, referring to  Naidu's son Lokesh, has "hurt" TDP president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. Modi made this comment at a public meeting in Kurnool.

Speaking about corruption in Naidu's government, Modi said Chandrababu was interested only in promoting his son. Naidu responded to his remarks at a TDP rally in Rajahmundry town.

"Modiji, I am sentimental and I give priority to the family system. I gave party ticket to our late leader Yerran Naidu's daughter. That is how I respect family values. You do not have a son. You do not have a daughter. Why do you curse us?" an apparently shaken Naidu said.

"Modi stooped down to targeting and cursing my son Lokesh," the chief minister said. He also said he feels proud to have a family, with a wife, son, daughter-in-law and a grandson.

"Modi is jealous and afraid of the development in Andhra Pradesh. He is worried that Andhra Pradesh will overtake Gujarat in the next five years. So, he is playing spoilsport by conspiring with Jaganmohan Reddy and KCR," Naidu said.

The TDP chief also said he is ready for a debate with the prime minister anywhere, be it Gujrat or New Delhi.