"Muslims have 1050 children", says BJP MLA Surendra

"Muslims have 1050 children", says BJP MLA Surendra

Surendra Singh

BJP MLA from Ballia, Surendra Singh, found himself in a controversy after his comment on Muslims went viral on social media on Tuesday when the reporters asked his take on the marriage of Bareilly MLA's daughter Sakshi and Ajitesh.

Surendra Singh said, "In the Muslim tradition, you know that people have 50 wives and give birth to 1050 children. This is not a tradition, this is merely an 'animalistic' tendency."

This is not the first time the BJP MLA has created a controversy with his statements. Last year, in an interview with the ANI, he said that every Hindu couple must at least have five children to keep the Hindu tradition intact. He said this step was necessary to increase the population of Hindus in the country.

He made another statement on the Doctor's Day in July, he had said that the doctors are "demons" and journalists are "brokers".