Rahul again challenges Modi for debate

Rahul again challenges Modi for debate

Congress president Rahul Gandhi. (PTI file photo)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday welcomed the Supreme Court order dismissing Centre's objections on admissibility of leaked documents on Rafale controversy and again challenged prime minister Narendra Modi for a debate.

''Justice has prevailed... the supreme court has done justice...Modi stands exposed,'' Rahul said in an informal chat with reporters after filing nomination papers from Amethi.

He said that the SC order had proved that there was ''corruption'' in the Rafale deal.

''The chowkidar (Modi) has indulged in corruption...he has given Rs 30 thousand crore to Anil Ambani,'' the Congress leader said.

''Two people will be exposed if there is an investigation in Rafale-Modi and Anil Ambani,'' he remarked.

Rahul once again challenged Modi for a debate. ''I am ready for a debate with the prime minister...he can choose the place...it may be on TV,'' he added.

''I challenge the prime minister...come to have a debate with me on Rafale, demonetisation and Amit Shah's son,'' he said.