Violence will make it easier for govt to suppress: AAP

Violence will make it easier for govt to suppress: AAP

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh. (PTI Photo)

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday appealed to people to peacefully protest against the amended Citizenship Act, saying violence will give a bad name to the whole movement and make it easier for the government to suppress the cause.

Noting that violence being reported from around the country is concerning, senior party leader Sanjay Singh said there is a democratic way to raise concerns over an issue.

"We should follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi of non-violence. If violence takes place then it will be very easy for the government to suppress the whole movement. It will be very easy for authorities to book you in cases and slander the whole cause," he said.

"This is a very serious situation and a matter of concern that in some of the places violence is taking place amid the protest. In India, every citizen has the right to protest and I appeal that the protests should be non-violent else the administration will try to stop the democratic protests," said Rajya Sabha MP  Singh.

He also appealed to people not to be instigated by anyone. 

"If there is violence, it will be very easy to crush this movement through police action and if there is violence, then it will be very easy to put the protesters in jail by filing bogus cases. If you want this protest to be alive then stay away from violence," said Singh.

The AAP also condemned the alleged comments made by BJP MP Vijay Goel against Delhi Chief Minister and its national convener Arvind Kejriwal. 

Singh said Goel allegedly told a news channel that Kejriwal is "buying the votes of the Delhiites through free schemes and this was an insult to the people of Delhi". 

Singh, on behalf of the AAP, sought an apology from Goel and said such statements made it clear that if the BJP comes to power, they will withdraw the welfare schemes of the AAP government.

"Goel has insulted the people of Delhi by making such a bizarre and insensitive statement. The BJP believes that the AAP government is buying the vote of the Delhiites by providing free electricity, free water, free bus travel for women, free medical facilities and free WiFi," said  Singh.