Vote for TRS is vote for Modi: Rahul in Telangana

Vote for TRS is vote for Modi: Rahul in Telangana

Congress President Rahul Gandhi. PTI File photo

Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressing an election meeting in Zaheerabad told people that a vote to TRS would be a vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP and RSS. He alleged that there was a tacit understanding between Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and Modi.

“The remote control of K Chandrasekhar Rao is in the hands of Modi,” he said. He reminded people that TRS supported demonetization and Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its MPs extended full support to Modi government in the Parliament. “Why KCR never comments on Rafale deal,” he asked. He said Modi and KCR do a drama by criticizing each other before elections but in reality, they were one.

The Congress president said only the Congress party was fighting Modi and BJP relentlessly.  “In this fight between two ideologies, one ideology stands for dividing India, another ideology is for one India where there will be room for everyone and all will be protected,” he said. Rahul alleged that unemployment under Modi reached the highest in 45 years. “China creates 50,000 jobs in 24 hours, Modi snatches employment from 27,000 Indian youth in the same 24 hours,” he said.

He said Modi spiked high currency notes in the name of fighting black money through demonetization but made common man stand in queues. “Did you see any thief or anybody with black money standing in queues. The honest people, farmers, women, unemployed youth and petty traders were standing in queues,” he said. Demonetization was aimed at snatching poor man’s money and converting thousands of crores of black money of few into white.

“Modi announced the scrapping of notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 all of a sudden. Economists are saying that it was madness,” Gandhi said. Terming Modi as Chowkidar of thieves he said every day this chowkidar works to help these people and also spreads hatred.

Elaborating on NYAY scheme Gandhi said that the party’s think-tank worked for six months to come out with a scheme which will give justice to people. Under the scheme, Rs.72,000 will be deposited in the bank accounts of those who earn less than Rs.12,000 a month. He claimed that the scheme will benefit 5 crore people. Alleging that Modi carried out a surgical strike on poor, Rahul promised that this scheme would be the surgical strike on poverty.