Minor kills father, burns evidence 'Crime Patrol' style

17-year-old takes cue from 'Crime Patrol' to destroy evidence after killing his father

Police checked his phone and found that he had watched the series over 100 times

Representative Image. Credit: AFP Photo

It appeared to be a blind murder as even five months after the recovery of a half-burnt body in a forested area in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura district, about 400 kilometres from here, the police remained clueless.

Although the body was identified as that of one Manoj Mishra, a resident of Vrindavan town in Mathura, and the postmortem report revealed that he died after being hit by a heavy object on his head, the police had failed to make any headway in the case.

The cops were about to close the case when they stumbled upon the cell phone of the 17-year-old son. They were startled to find that the boy had watched 'Crime Patrol' serial more than a hundred times before the incident.

His questioning revealed that he had been angry with his father for beating him even over petty mistakes and that he had killed his father in a fit of rage. He also told the cops that he followed what he had seen in the serials to destroy the evidence. It also came to light that his mother had also aided him in his attempts to destroy evidence.

Police said that the boy had repeatedly hit his father with an iron rod on his head, killing him on the spot after the latter had thrashed him over some mistake. 

The youth, with the help of his mother, hid the corpse in a sack after burning its face with acid to prevent identification. He then threw the body in a forested area before burning it with petrol.

''We have arrested the duo....they have admitted to their crime,'' said a senior police official in Mathura.