UP official asks farmers to beat drums to stop locusts

As locusts invade Rajasthan, UP official asks farmers to 'beat drums' to fend them off

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Apparently alarmed by the reported locust attack in some districts in Rajasthan that destroyed crops on 1.5 lakh hectares of land, an Uttar Pradesh official advised the cane farmers in the state to ''beat drums'' to ward off the grasshoppers.

UP cane commissioner Sanjay Bhoosreddy's bizarre advice to the cane farmers was conveyed to the farmers through pamphlets, handbills, wall paintings and the social media platforms.

''The locusts are scared of loud noises and sound....in the event of an attack by the locusts, the farmers should beat drums or plates...it will keep them at bay,'' the official said.

The advice by the top cane official of the state evoked sharp responses from the people, especially the farmers. The netizens asked the official to pay more attention to the huge cane arrears of the farmers.

''From where will the farmers get people to beat the drums and plates, when the locusts attack,'' asked a netizen while responding to the suggestions.

Another netizen said that the cane commissioner should ensure timely payment of the sugarcane from the sugar mills. ''The sugar mills have not cleared cane arrears worth hundreds of crores...it is more important to ensure payment of the arrears rather than extending such advice'' he said.

According to the reports, four districts of Rajasthan had witnessed the biggest locust attack recently. The attacks caused extensive damage of the crops Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jalore and Barmer districts in the desert state.