Priyanka questions Aditynath's claim on migrant workers

Priyanka questions Aditynath's claim on migrant workers

AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. credit: PTI Photo

 Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday asked UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to explain the basis of the statement in which he has reportedly claimed that a large number of workers returning from other states are infected with coronavirus.

The Congress leader also shared a news clip on the CM's statement on her Twitter handle.

In the video uploaded by Priyanka Gandhi, Adityanath is seen stating that 75 per cent of the migrant workers who are returning from Mumbai are infected with the virus.

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“Fifty per cent of the workers coming from Delhi are such who have infection. Cases of widespread infection have been reported in 25-30 per cent workers coming from other states,” he claimed in the video.

“This is a challenge for us and all our teams are strongly working on it. Over 75,000 medical teams are working in the entire state. The result of the screening, testing and treatment is that today we have been able to control it (COVID-19) to a great extent,” the CM claimed in the video.

Launching an attack against Adityanath, the Congress general secretary said in a tweet, "Does the chief minister mean to say that over 10 lakh people in UP are infected by corona? However, his government's figures tell that there are 6,228 infection cases. What is the basis of infection statistics.”

“From where has this percentage of infection among the migrant workers who have returned to the state has come, and if this is the case, then why so less number of tests are being conducted," she added.

In a direct question to the chief minister, the Congress leader said if there is truth in the statement of the chief minister, then the government should share the data pertaining to testing, infection and other preparedness with the public and tell that what is its readiness to control the disease.

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