Voices will grow louder, say Priyanka on CAA protest

Voices will grow louder, say Priyanka on CAA protest

As anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests rocked parts of the country, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday said the voice of the people will grow louder every time it is sought to be silenced by force.

Priyanka's remarks came as reports of police using force to quell the anti-CAA trickled in from across the country. In Delhi, police detained protestors who had gathered at several places such as Mandi House, Red Fort and Jantar Mantar to opposed the amendments to the Citizenship Act.

“The voice of a people cannot be silenced by force,” the AICC General Secretary said.

“Every time force is applied to dominate and rule, every time you beat and suppress, every time you push people to the wall, they will rise up stronger, their resolve will strengthen and their voice will grow louder,” Priyanka said.

“Our freedom movement was proof of this, our constitution is the guarantor of it and our people are the soul of it,” she added.

She said the government has shut metro stations and internet services in Delhi and have imposed Section 144, which prohibits an assembly of four or more people.

“Why those who have published advertisements using taxpayers money to explain to the people running scared at the voices of the same people,” Priyanka said.

Senior opposition leaders, a large number of students and activists were detained on Thursday by police on their way to two mega demonstrations against the new citizenship law as prohibitory orders and restrictions on internet and mobile phone services in parts of Delhi-NCR region inconvenienced thousands of people.