'Not just 2019, BJP to win Delhi Assembly polls too'

'Not just 2019, BJP to win Delhi Assembly polls too'

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan, who is seeking the mandate once again from Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency in Delhi, is a known BJP face in the capital. The soft-spoken ENT specialist with decades of political experience believes this election too will go the BJP way. He is also sure that the Delhi Assembly polls slated early next year would bring BJP back to power. He spoke to DH's Shemin Joy on the political situation in Delhi.

In 2019, you might be facing a bigger battle. What are your thoughts?

You may feel so but I am sure that BJP is winning with a bigger majority than 2014. The BJP will have a convincing win all over Delhi. Not only this time, in the 2020 Assembly elections too we are going to win. The stage has been set.

Why do you think BJP is winning?

There is more excitement among people than BJP workers in ensuring the victory of Narendra Modi. Take any section of society, you will not get a negative reaction about the Modi government. There are no doubts about the results. We will get a majority more than what we got in 2014. Under Modi, we have become the fastest growing economy. In the coming days after 2019, Modi will deliver New India. Mod will deliver 'Vishwa Guru' Bharat.

AAP government in Delhi is saying the BJP-led government has not been cooperating with it. How do you see this?

We have been cooperating with them. But we did not get the expected cooperation from them in any field. Take the case of Ayushman Bharat scheme. They deliberately did not join the scheme for political reasons. Several poor people are left behind. No one can point fingers at us as we have done our maximum to help Delhiites. The blame lies at the doorsteps of the AAP government. There is a water problem. Delhi Jal Board is under the Chief Minister. What has he done? They are good at making promises. None were met. AAP is anti-people.

Your opponents are also very confident of defeating you. What is your reaction?

Their fight in Delhi is for second and third position. AAP and Congress have been exposed thoroughly. Congress was a symbol of corruption. Now AAP has become the natural ally of corruption. AAP has not done anything in the last four and a half years. They have failed on all counts. Majority of AAP MLAs have been exposed to various types of corruption and irregularities. Somebody has a fake degree or somebody is caught by CBI, there are a lot of allegations against them. Both wanted alliance because they were sure of defeat.

What about Congress?

As far as Congress is concerned, they are a gone case in Delhi as well as in the country. They got zero seats in Assembly elections, they got zero in Delhi Lok Sabha polls. They were virtually third in the municipal polls. In Parliament, they were down to 44. I don't see any hope for them.

Do you think sealing of commercial establishments in residential areas, especially in traders' hub Chandni Chowk will be a major issue and you are facing a challenge?

I don't think it will have an effect. BJP has done its best to help the traders, to address the woes related to sealing. Many are benefited. The Centre has done its best. We have modified the Delhi Master Plan. We are fighting for the alleviation of sufferings of people. You see the only issue with the people is that they want Modi back as Prime Minister. They are convinced that Modi is the one who can really help people and solve their problems.

There is an allegation that BJP is raising just nationalism issues and not development issues. How do you react to this?

We have already done so much of development. The issue is not somebody raising something. The issue is something which is close to the heart of the people. Doing good quality development is also a manifestation of good nationalism. For us, there is no difference between good nationalism and good development. Everybody who does work sincerely and honestly for the country are patriots.