NSG to conduct audit of state forces

NSG to conduct audit of state forces

The National Security Guard (NSG), popularly known as ‘Black Cats’, is conducting the audit of special forces of the state governments to keep them 'fighting fit'.

“We are a zero-error force of international repute, we would also like the units of the states to be fighting fit and hence we are doing the audits,” a senior NSG official told DH on Thursday.

“We have submitted our report to the government based on the first comprehensive audit of specialised forces across the country,” said an official of the elite force.

This is the first such pan-India audit by the Black Cats.

The official said the audit will look at the needs of the state forces, their pluses and minuses and what needs to be done in a time of crisis, as they are the first ones to respond during any crisis.

The official said that Force One, the special unit of Maharashtra based in Mumbai is a fine force.

"Various states on similar lines have set up units like Special Operations Group,  Special Action Group,  Special Task Group or components within the anti-terrorism squads and units...these should remain updated all the time," he said.

The official also said that we are also assessing their needs. "If they are going in for sniper rifles or any other weapon, we can tell them about the best within the means," he said.

With the units of state governments, we are regularly undertaking training and also doing joint exercises. Similarly, there is also a lot of interaction with the Central Industrial Security Force,  which is looking after the security of airports and ports. 

"We are doing exercises with special forces of the world....recently we had one...besides,  we are also doing exercises with Ghataks of Indian Army,  Garuda of Indian Air Force and Marcos of Indian Navy," the official said.

The senior officer also said that India has security issues and threat perceptions and NSG is prepared 365x24x7. 

"There is the issue of terrorism, insurgency, Maoism and hence the states being first responders need to be prepared," he said,  adding that the four NSG regional hubs Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad had added to the capabilities and reach.