Only 2 MLAs take govt bus to Gujarat Assembly

Only 2 MLAs take govt bus to Gujarat Assembly

 Contrary to the common custom, Mahendra Mashru and Daulat Desai from BJP  prefer the state-run transport service to travel from MLA quarters to the State Assembly.

The bus service to the Assembly was started when Gandhinagar became the state capital in 1970, then more than 130 travelled by bus to the Assembly.

At present, of the 182 member, 179 use their cars. The 65-seater bus shuttles every day during the Assembly sessions almost empty, resulting in a loss of Rs 3,000 every day.

During the month-long budget session which ended on Wednesday, the bus service cost a lakh  to  the exchequer. And had it not been for the two MLAs, the bus would have been running empty. These MLAs have now requested to send smaller buses so that wastage is cut out.

 “We realise that it is a sheer waste of public money and we have requested in oral at the Assembly that just for two people a bus with lesser seating capacity should be provided,” Mashru pointed out,

 The only other MLA who has been availing the bus service, Desai  said  that they have demanded to  stop running the 65-seater bus for just two persons. “It is not fair to waste public money. We have asked  for  a mini bus,’’ said Desai.

According to officials in the State Transport Corporation. though the bus service is causing a loss of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh for  30 to 40 days,  they cannot stop it due to government rules.