Parents wait for 37 days at graveyard for son to return

In a bizarre incident, a family was found waiting for their dead son at the burial ground in Petluru village of Venkatagiri block of Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh.

Tupakula Srinivas had died of swine flu. But an 'occult' told his parents that he died of black magic performed by his opponents, and that he will return within 41 days of his death.

Tupakula Rangaiah and Narsamma not only camped next to the spot where their son was buried, but also were chasing away any one who came near to them to explain that the dead do not return.

“Srinivasa was their only son. He used to take care of his parents by running a taxi. However, he had some trouble with a person in Koduru in recent months. The person threatened that he would see Srinivas dead in 15 days,” Sub Inspector Kondappa Naidu said.

However, within three days of the incident Srinivas fell sick. He neglected the illness initially, but later the doctors confirmed that it was swine flu. 

He was then rushed to a private hospital in Tirupati, where he died undergoing treatment.

The grieving parents then got into touch with an 'occult' in Koduru, who made them believe that their son's death was "temporary," because "Srinivas died of black magic."

He then advised the parents to mark the place their son was buried, and wait there for 41 days.

The parents then put dried bushes on the top of the site and started living in the burial ground. They even carried food to the burial ground and had it there. They carried sticks to drive away any one who ventured near the spot.  A few days later the 'occult' started doing a "ritual" at the site to bring back the dead man.

The villagers then made a compliant to the local police, who came to the village on Friday. They counselled the parents and convinced them to leave the spot.

Finally, they left their son’s burial spot and returned home after 37 days. The police are also conducting an awareness campaign in the village advising people not to fall prey to the "babas" that thrive on the innocence of people.

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Parents wait for 37 days at graveyard for son to return


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