Protests in Bengal 100% govt sponsored: Pralhad Joshi

Protests in Bengal 100% govt sponsored: Pralhad Joshi

Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines Pralhad Joshi. (DH Photo)

Terming the Citizenship Amendment Act as a move to give Indian citizenship and not to snatch it away from anybody, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi on Sunday stated that Congress, TMC and other ‘so-called secular parties’ are provoking some minority community members for riots, by misleading them in this issue.

“There is no question of discriminating between Hindu and Muslim citizens of India. We are the most secular country. The act is to give citizenship to religious minorities from bordering countries, who have come to India before 2014, due to religious persecution there. But, Congress is making an evil effort to provoke people by raising Hindu-Muslim issue unnecessarily,” he said.

Modi government provided maximum funds for the welfare of Muslims. Unable to tolerate dynamic decisions of Modi government, Congress and other opposition parties are depressed, and are trying to sow the feeling of fear among people, Joshi alleged.

Protests in West Bengal are 100% government-sponsored, he opined.

Earlier also, citizenship was given to refugees from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uganda, and Sri Lanka. The new act is not at all aimed at snatching away citizenship from those who already have it, he clarified.

‘Rahul is insane’

Calling Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as ‘fake Gandhi’, immature, foolish and insane, mentioning his ‘rape in India’ remark and denial to apologise, Joshi said, “We know that he cannot be Rahul Savarkar, as Savarkar was a patriot. He can be Rahul Uddhav Thackeray, as he can join hands with anybody, for his convenience. It seems that Rahul has decided to finish Congress”.

Rape is a social evil, and it should be fought with strong law and social awareness. A particular party in power in a particular state cannot be blamed for rape incidents. All have to condemn all rape incidents, without any politics. But, Rahul Gandhi does not condemn rape incidents in Punjab, Rajasthan and Kolkata, Joshi criticised.

He also noted that the Centre has taken steps to bring down onion price and inflation rate.

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