Rlys to have black boxes

Rlys to have black boxes

The black box that is used in flights.

In a bid to help investigators identify the cause of accidents, the railways is planning to install black boxes in trains, as in aircraft, to store the important data.

Loco Cab Voice Recording (LCVR) devices will be installed in the locomotives, said an official in the Railways.

The system is under development stage, and depending on the success of the pilot, will be installed in locomotives, the official said.

It will record have both audio and video recordings of the locomotives. The LCVR will also identify the operational issues, human errors and crew performance.

The black box will monitor the train on several parameters in real time. In case of any deviation in the functioning of the locomotives from normal, the unit will alert the pilot. The box will monitor the temperatures of internal wires, cables and connectors, said the official.