Will continue ‘satyagraha’ says Mamata amid standoff

Mamata Banerjee comes out from Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar's residence, after CBI officials came to question the commissioner in connection with the Saradha ponzi scam. in Kolkata. PTI

Making it clear that her confrontation with the BJP government at the Centre regarding the CBI’s attempt to question the Kolkata Police Commissioner will continue West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday that her dharna will continue.

“This (the dharna) is a satyagraha and I will continue till the country is saved,” said Banerjee. She was speaking to journalists at the venue of the dharna in Central Kolkata.

The Chief Minister started the dharna late on Sunday evening following an unprecedented standoff between the Kolkata Police and CBI over the latter’s attempt to question the Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar in relation to the chit fund scam at his residence.

Asked whether opposition leaders who have extended support to her will come to Kolkata Banerjee said that she does not have any information in this regard.

“I am not aware of it. If they come we will welcome them. This (the dharna) is not about my party but about my government,” said Banerjee.

The Kolkata Police and CBI were on a collision course on Sunday when a team of CBI officials who tried to question the Kolkata Police Commissioner were virtually pushed into vehicles by police and taken to a nearby police station. After being kept at the police station for some time the CBI officers were released.

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Will continue ‘satyagraha’ says Mamata amid standoff


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