Seers demand ban on 'Kedarnath'

Seers demand ban on 'Kedarnath'

Bollywood actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan pose for a photograph during their film promotion 'Kedarnath'.

After BJP, the Hindu seers have also demanded a ban on Sushant Singh Rajput-Sara Ali Khan starrer upcoming movie 'Kedarnath' saying that the film ''humiliated and denigrated'' Hinduism and should not be allowed to be released.

Prominent Ayodhya based seer Mahant Dharm Das said that the film portrayed the Hindu religion in bad light. ''We demand an immediate ban on the movie,'' he said.

''Kedarnath is an abode of Lord Shiva...the movie's story undermines the importance of the place, which is revered by the Hindus,'' Das added.

The movie, which was based on the devastating floods that had ravaged the place in 2013, portrays a love story between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. 

Earlier BJP leaders had also sought a ban on the movie alleging that it promotes 'love jehad'.