'Don't lose self-confidence in recession'

'Don't lose self-confidence in recession'

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The Telangana IT Association (TITA) team and several speakers suggested software employees not to lose self-confidence and asked them to face any problem with courage. TITA has conducted a round table conference with a 16 point agenda here on Sunday after condoling the suicide of software employee Pogaku Harini.  She committed suicide after the company she worked served her with a pink slip.

"How to face the issue of the firing of IT employees in the wake of recession" was the topic of the round table. Speakers reminded that Harini, who committed suicide has requested to donate her organs but has not blamed her company, and added that she stood as an example of  IT employees' mentality.

Speakers have requested the IT employees not to lose self-confidence. A detailed discussion was held on why these layoffs are being done, recession effect on IT industry, technology updates, automation, etc. Responding to the employee’s issue, experts explained that as this is the time of year-end appraisals, firing will be more. They added that companies who want to fire employees will give 4th rating to that particular employee and implement a performance improvement plan.

Usually, 45 to 60 days of time is being given to that employee to improve himself and if not, companies are implementing rules to terminate them. But, speakers felt that this type of firing is unfair. IT people are going into depression because of this type of firing, they said. It was suggested that if the companies have any issue with project agreements, they should tell the same but not show underperformance as the reason for the firing.

Speakers also explained that it is becoming tough for the terminated employee to get insurance. They requested more government support to the IT industry. Mr. Sundeep Kumar Makthala, TITA President said that IT employees should improve their skill set as they reach mid-level in the bell structure. He asked employees to acquire new skills such as Artificial Intelligence, 3d Printing,  Robotics, IoT, Blockchain Technology, Cyber Security, Serverless computing, VR/AR, Drone technology as these technologies are changing the pace of the IT sector.