Stalin pens moving poem for his appa

Stalin pens moving poem for his appa

Chennai: DMK leader MK Stalin stands alongside the mortal remains of his father and DMK chief M Karunanidhi, in Chennai on Wednesday, Aug. 08, 2018. Karunanidhi died yesterday after a prolonged illness, in the city hospital where the leader was admitted.

"Just once shall I address you as appa (father)?" asked DMK Working President M K Stalin in a moving poem in memory of his late father and party chief M Karunanidhi, as he noted that he used to call him as 'leader' more often.

"I have addressed you as Thalaivare Thalaivare (Leader) more than Appa Appa (Father). Therefore, just once, shall I address you as Appa, leader," Stalin said in the emotional poem written hours after the death of the DMK stalwart.

Grieving the loss of his father, Stalin said he used to inform him wherever he goes. "why did you leave without informing this time."

"Dear leader, who is intertwined with our thoughts and aspirations, where did you go leaving us behind," Stalin, the political heir apparent of Karunanidhi, said.

Stalin asked if Karunanidhi had departed with the contentment that he had done enough for the Tamil community.

Seeking the "energy" of Karunanidhi, Stalin vowed to fulfil all his unfulfilled dreams.

Further, crores of party supporters yearned once to hear Karunanidhi's famous, trademark statement, "En anbu udanpirappukkale" (my dear brothers), Stalin said.

Karunanidhi used to open his public speeches with the trademark line, evoking rapturous applause and cheering by the audience. 

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