3.78 lakh staying in 306 camps in Kolhapur,  Sangli 

3.78 lakh staying in 306 camps in Kolhapur,  Sangli 

Under fire from Opposition for `inadequate' response to devastating floods in western Maharashtra.

A whopping 3.78 lakh people are staying in 306 relief camps in the flood-affected Kolhapur and Sangli districts of Maharashtra.

"This year’s rainfall is very massive and unprecedented," Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis told reporters in Sangli on Saturday.

In Sangli, in 2005 it was 217% rainfall in 31 days and this year its 758% in just 9 days.

In Kolhapur, in 2005 it was 159% rainfall in 31 days and this year it is 480% in 9 days.

Koyna Dam, that has a capacity of 100 TMC but 50 TMC got filled in just 9 days.

"We have called teams from various states like Punjab, Odisha, Gujarat, Goa.  Another 15 teams of Indian Navy have reached," Fadnavis said.

He noted that the Maharashtra government is getting all kinds of assistance from the Centre.

"Whatever we are requesting, they are providing us," he said.

Almost 95 boats are deployed for rescue operations.

In Sangli, 28,537 families got affected from 101 villages. 35,000 livestock shifted in various shelters.

As per the preliminary survey, around 27,468 hectare of agriculture land affected.

"We will get to know exact damage once water recedes," he said,  adding that total length of road damaged is 484 km, 2615 transformers are damaged partially or fully.

A total 3,78,000 people rescued so far from Kolhapur and Sangli, are staying in 306 relief camps. "We are trying to convince those who are reluctant to move out," Fadnavis said.

He appealed everyone not to worry and panic.

"Situation is under control. My appeal to all political parties not to politicise this situation. We are ready to hear and act on your suggestions.  It is time to stand united for providing help and support to flood affected people," he said.