Police step up security outside Salman Khan's residence

Police step up security outside Salman Khan's residence

Bollywood actor Salman Khan. AFP Photo

Police have beefed up security outside the Bandra residence of Bollywood actor Salman Khan in the wake of protests seeking a ban on "Bigg Boss Season 13" for the inclusion of a new concept which they claimed is "against Indian culture and promoting vulgarity".

A group of protesters, including members of Karni Sena, held protests on Friday outside Khan's Bandra bandstand residence in western Mumbai, an official said on Saturday.

"Police detained protesters from the spot and increased security outside the residence," he said.

He said protesters were demanding a ban on the reality show hosted by Khan for the inclusion of a new concept called "Bed Friends Forever", under which contestants have to share beds with fellow inmates.

"The concept was heavily criticised by several organisations, including Karni Sena, which claimed that it was promoting vulgarity and is against Indian culture," the official said.

To avoid any untoward incident we have increased vigil outside the actor's residence, he said, adding that the situation is normal now.

In the show, contestants called "housemates" live together in a specially constructed house that is isolated from the outside world. Housemates are voted out (usually on a weekly basis) until only one remains and wins the cash prize. During their stay in the house, contestants are continuously monitored by live television cameras as well as personal audio microphones.