Trinamool, Goa Forward Party trade barbs

Trinamool, Goa Forward Party trade barbs, blame each other for strengthening BJP

Mahua Moitra blamed the GFP for supporting the BJP in 2017, while GFP's Vijai Sardesai blamed TMC for breaking opposition unity in Parliament

Mahua Moitra in Lok Sabha. Credit: PTI Photo

The Goa Forward Party (GFP) and the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) got into a spat Wednesday, a day after Vijai Sardesai, GFP president and a former deputy chief minister, met Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and declared his intention to stand with the Congress in next year's state elections.

Mahua Moitra, Trinamool MP and party’s state in-charge for Goa, alleged that it’s the GFP that was responsible for the BJP’s rise to power in Goa in 2017, despite Congress having the majority. “I wish to make everyone in Goa aware that this was the same unholy alliance that caused the BJP to come into Goa in the first place in 2017, even when they had won only 13 seats,” Mahua said.

In conversation with Deccan Herald, Moitra claimed that while the Congress had won 17 seats, the GFP entered into a deal with the BJP and allowed the BJP to come in even when the mandate of the voters was not in favour. 

Making her allegations public, Moitra also tweeted on Wednesday, “INC win 17 seats in Goa 2017, BJP won only 13. Yet while AICC’s Digvijay Singh 'observed', BJP sealed deal with GFP to form unholy govt. GFP suddenly on poll eve realises BJP is evil, hugs INC! Come on Goa- you’re better than this!”

Sardesai retweeted a post put up by the party’s handle, as a response to Mahua’s post, “#GOANS ARE MUCH BETTER. They can tell the difference between those who have a track record of upholding their interests and #Kolkata imports who see #Goans as use-and-throw items to fulfil their leader’s selfish ambitions. Learn to write one word in correct #Konkani; then talk!”


While the GFP was a significant partner in the BJP-led state government, at present, before the next assembly elections, political parties, including the Trinamool, were keen on having the GFP on board.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Sardesai said that his party did not have a pre-poll alliance with Congress in 2017. “In fact, we fought them in our constituency. This time this unity is a message from the top-most level to all those who are serious and sincere about defeating the BJP to come together and fight on a common platform,” he said, adding, “In 2017 we were not in an alliance. We took the decision to bring Manohar Parrikar back. We do not regret that. We didn't join the government.”

Sardesai alleged that it’s the Trinamool that is cracking the Opposition’s unity. “Yesterday (on Tuesday) TMC kept away from signing a joint statement by the opposition parties because it doesn’t serve somebody’s personal ambitions... This is selfishness at the cost of opposition unity. Who benefits from it? The same party that benefits by splitting the anti-BJP votes in Goa. Goans are smart and know how to differentiate serious political players and political tourists.” he told Deccan Herald.

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