Mumbai Mounted Police in Manish Malhotra: Tweeple react

Tweeple react sharply to Manish Malhotra's uniform design for Mumbai Mounted Police

Mumbai's Mounted Police make a comeback with Manish Malhotra designed uniforms. (PTI Photo)

Twitter has responded sharply to Manish Malhotra's designer uniform for Mumbai's Mounted Police. While some appreciated the innovation, many of the users have termed the uniform irrational and uncomfortable in Mumbai’s weather. Here are some reactions from Twitterverse:

One user, @ajhay9 asked whether the designer had also designed a bag to collect horse excrement.

Another user, @VenkaTulasiRedy replied citing the move as illogical and said the comeback of the Mounted Police doesn't look efficient.

User @chepu13, replied saying, their uniforms should be more comfortable.

Another user, @ratihegde asked if a poor policeman is expected to dress in such a manner.