Woman hurls 'chemical substance' on boyfriend, arrested

Woman hurls 'chemical substance' on boyfriend, arrested

A 19-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly hurling a "chemical substance' on her boyfriend in Vikaspuri area of West Delhi after he wanted to get out of their three-year-old relationship, police said Sunday.

Police said they were informed by the DDU hospital on Tuesday that the woman and her boyfriend were attacked by some unidentified persons with some "chemical substance".

The alleged attack occurred when the man was on a scooter with his girlfriend riding pillion. The man had burns on the right side of his face, neck and chest, while the woman had sustained minor burn injuries, police said.

Investigation revealed while riding the scooter, the woman had asked her boyfriend to remove the helmet as it was disturbing her, a police official said, adding when he removed his helmet, someone hurled a chemical substance on his face.

"The woman was questioned at length and she confessed about her involvement in the case," Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Monika Bhardwaj said.

The accused disclosed that enraged by her boyfriend's insistence on ending the three-year-old relationship she threw the chemical substance on his face during the ride, Bhardwaj said.

The officer said the woman had felt that after being defaced, the man would have no other option but to marry her and he would not have any suspicion on her.