Work 2 hrs more: Nitish tells MLCs asking for holiday

Work 2 hrs more: Nitish tells MLCs asking for holiday

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. PTI file photo

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has rejected his party MLCs’ demand to declare holiday on the occasion of Guru Purnima (Full Moon Day). Instead, he gave sermons to party legislators, who made the demand in the Legislative Council, to work for two hours more on that day as a tribute to their ‘Guru’.

“On the day of Guru Purnima, the proceedings of the House should be extended for two hours more,” suggested Nitish while intervening in the House.

“There are several festivals in a year. What do you want? The Government should declare holiday on each and every festival? If you want to worship, then do so. But that does not mean you should remain on leave throughout the day and do no work,” Nitish said. “Is this what your Guru has taught you? If for every festival, we start declaring holiday, then who will work? All of you are law-makers. You should set new precedence by working for extra hours,” Nitish took his legislators to task in the House.

The entire issue of holiday was raked up by JD (U) legislators Ranvir Nandan and Sanjeev Singh, who demanded that Nitish regime declare Guru Purnima as Government holiday. Ranvir went a step ahead and started reading verse of Guru Purnima in Sanskrit.

Nitish, who was watching the House proceedings in his office rushed to the Council and gave a piece of his mind to those legislators who were making such demands.