OLX saves 8 million tons of carbon footprints in FY2018

OLX saves 8 million tons of carbon footprints in FY2018

OLX India, a classifieds business company and part of Naspers-owned OLX group, on Monday stated that the company saved 8 million tonnes of carbon footprints during FY2018. 

In a study brought out along with by Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), Amsterdam-headquartered company said every time one uses OLX there is environement benfit. 

"Every time one sells on OLX, the life of that product gets extended ensuring more judicious use. Every time one buys on OLX, one less item gets produced, lowering carbon-di-oxide (CO2) emissions," states the company. 

OLX India Chief Operating Officer (COO) Irwin Preet Singh Anand said all are living in a society where every citizen often take environment for granted.

"The impact of which could be seen in the unusual climatic changes we are witnessing in the country. It is our collective responsibility to take control of our environment and do our bit to reduce pollution," he said.

Anand said there is a real and simple opportunity available to everyone with OLX to get on track. "Buying and selling pre-owned is an easy way in which we can counterbalance rising consumerism and impulse purchase of unwanted items. Using pre-owned allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, and leave a healthier planet for our children," he said.

“It’s great to see more people using OLX. We’ve experienced robust growth in the last one year, and that’s the reason why the CO2 saved by us is significantly higher this year. Every OLX usage results in bringing value into your lives, while giving something invaluable back to the environment. With OLX, not only sellers and buyers but most importantly the environment wins”, adds Anand.

Environmentalist Foundation of India Founder Arun Krishnamurthy said this year the World Environment Day is all the more special, as India is the host country of the global event.

"It is important for us to become responsible citizens and make our personal contribution towards a sustainable environment. One good way is to encourage the use of pre-owned goods. The impact is evident from the carbon footprints saved from pre-owned goods on OLX. Shifting to pre- owned and making it commercially viable is a wonderful way of leading a sustainable lifestyle," said Krishnamurthy.

OLX India, owned by South African media and technology group Naspers was founded in 2006 by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford, began its India journey in India in 2009 and now reaches over 4,000 cities in India and claims to have a total of 40 million monthly active users. 

OLX is India's number one consumer-to-consumer marketplace for pre-owned cars and motorbikes, mobile phones, household items jobs and real estate. The company is operating out of 45 countries.

In India, it already has 85% market share of the consumer – to- consumer online trade. OLX is the number one buying and selling mobile app in India according to Google Play store, and is currently trending at 6 billion page-views a month.